WCGMF Discovery

Parent Engagement & Leadership

A core value of Discovery is parent engagement. Sustained change happens with the active engagement of all parents and in particular those whose children are most at-risk.  The Memorial Fund views parent engagement as an ongoing process in which parents, over time, take on multiple roles, including: Involvement, Engagement, Civic Participation, Leadership, Stewardship, and Knowledge & Information. 

Moreover, parents are most effective as advocates for their children and change agents when they collaborate.  Discovery communities maintain a system of opportunities for parents to actively exercise their civic and parental roles. The collaborative group ensures that the community and parents are engaged in a partnership where children are at the center and family roles are acknowledged and respected. Each community continues to explore a variety of strategies to reach more parents and offer a range of opportunities.

At the state level, Connecticut Parent Power, one of Discovery's statewide partners, works to educate, engage and mobilize parents to act on children’s issues and participate in solutions.  Parent Power works to see that all parents have a voice in shaping public decisions that affect Connecticut’s children and families.  Currently, parents have organized three issue committees -- early care, health care, and K-12 education.